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Carpet Questions ?

Is it natural to have imperfections in hand-made carpets?

Yes, it is natural to have imperfections in hand-made carpets as there are hundreds of thousands of knots in a single carpet and every knot of the carpet has been done by hands. This is the beauty of a hand-made carpet, that adds to it’s value and makes it more precious as it gets older like jewelry.!


In what conditions shall we use an under pad for our carpet?

You can use under pads for almost all type of carpets. But we suggest you to use these under pad for the carpets that are thin and light in weight, because under pad helps to keep the carpet in it’s place, it doesn’t let the carpet to slip from it’s position. It also increases the life of the carpet.

What is the pile height / thickness of the carpet?

The pile height or thickness of the carpet depends upon the quality of the carpet. It is different for all the qualities. To know the pile height / thickness of a particular carpet, please check the details given on the right side of the carpet picture on the product page.

The carpet I bought has different shades, is this some defect?

No, it is not a defect. The difference you see in the carpet is calles ‘Abrash’ a Turkish term that means partly coloured. This difference in colour is due to the variation in the yarn and dyeing. This variation in colour is instead adds charm to the carpet and give a more nomadic feel.!

Why is my carpet shedding wool? Why is it fuff?

Any new hand-made wool carpet will always shed initially for a month or till 3-4 vacuum sessions. It is just the natural process for the material to leave the carpet overtime (usually a month time).

Is there any variation in the real colours to the colours shown in the pictures of the carpets on your website?

The photos shown on the website are taken by a professional camera with the best possible setting making the colours as close as the real one. But there might be some variations due to the quality and type of the screen of the user.

What is a fringe? Does the length of the fringe vary?

Mostly in all the carpets, you will see white color cotton threads at the two sides of the carpets, they are called fringes. Yes. length varies depending upon the carpet to carpet. These fringes at the ends are usually to make sure that the carpet doesn’t looses open. Also, you always have an option for having the length as you want or get them removed if you don’t want them, you just have to notify us at the time of ordering. Mostly, in modern carpets people like to get it removed.

Do you use child labor in the process of manufacturing?

No. there is absolutely no child labour in the process of our carpet manufacturing. In-fact we have obtained quite a number of certificates from various NGO’s that regulates and eradicate these type of practices. Also we help our weavers with monitory aids to send their children to schools.!

Order Questions ?

How can I see my orders?

To see your orders, please click on the ‘My account’ tab present on the top right corner of the website. Please login with your account username and password. Now here you can view your current as well as previous order details. Also, you can track and check the current status of your on going orders here.!

How can I track / check the status of my order ?

Please click on the ‘Track my order’ tab on the top right corner of the website. Please fill in the required details and you shall get all the information of your order. If you are not able to track it your self than please contact us by calling on our customer support number mentioned on our website or send an email at info@carpetsanta.com, and our sales team would be delighted to serve you.

How can I modify / change / edit or cancel my order?

If you have not confirmed the order, you can change / modify / edit or cancel an order by opening your ‘shopping cart’ present at the right of the ‘menu bar’. If you already have confirmed the order, then you shall contact our customer service by calling at our customer care number or by sending an email to info@carpetsanta.com. If your order is already dispatched for shipping from our warehouse, than you can not change / modify / edit / or cancel the order.

Do you provide me a copy of my receipt?

At the time, when you are confirming your order, we provide an option of printable receipt. We suggest you to either take a screen shot of it or print it out for your records. Also when you confirm your order, we send you an email with all the order details as well as a receipt on your email address provided by you on our website. For further information regarding receipt, please contact our customer support by calling us or by sending an email at info@carpetsanta.com.

What should I do if I have not received an email for the confirmation of my order?

As soon as you confirm an order with us, we immediately send a confirmation email. If you don’t find it in your inbox folder then please check your spam folder. If you don’t find it there, please contact our customer care support for the copy of the confirmation of your order.

Return Questions ?

Can I return the carpet if I don't like it?

Under our ’30 day money back guarantee’ policy you can return the carpet if you don’t like it. For more information please read ‘return policy’ on our ‘Terms and Conditions‘ page.

What is the procedure for return?

To make a return, just simply call our customer care number and we will assist you about the packing. Then one of our courier companies will pick up the package from your address. For more details please read ‘return policy’ on our ‘terms and conditions‘ page.

Who pays the shipping cost in case of return of the carpet?

In most situations we bear the courier charges in cases of returns by the customer. For more details please read our ‘return policy’ on our ‘terms and conditions‘ page.

What measures do you take to pack the carpets in a way that are absolutely safe for shipping?

The packing we do are as per the standards and instructions provided by the our courier partners Fed-ex/DHL/UPS. So usually three layers of packing is done consisting of plastic and cloth making sure that no type of damaged is caused in shipping transit and handling. Also we have shipped thousands of parcels worldwide with zero% error history.!

What steps should I take if there is a problem with my order or if the carpet / package I received is damaged?

In case if you receive the package of the carpet in a damaged position then please, immediately inform the local courier company (Fed-ex/UPS/DHL) who delivered the package. Than inform us by calling on our customer care number and from here we will take care with the suitable steps.

Purchasing Questions ?

Hot to buy a carpet on our website?
  1. Start with choosing the carpet that you would like to buy.
  2. Then click on that carpet. A new page will open with all the details of        that carpet.
  3. The price and details of the carpet will be mentioned on the right              side of the picture of that carpet.
  4. If there is more than one size available, then please select the size.
  5. Then click on the buy button, to move the carpet in your shopping            cart / bag. If you want to buy more carpets then add other carpets in      the same way to your shopping cart.
  6. Finally, select your shopping cart from the top right corner of the              page and click on the checkout options.
  7. If you are already registered with us, then please login with your             email address / username and password. If you are a new customer,       then you can either register yourself as a new customer or you can         choose to buy without registering by choosing an option of express         checkout as a guest.
  8. After the checkout please select the delivery options as suitable and       applicable for your destination.
  9. Final step is to choose the payment method. We suggest you to go         for credit cards, as they are more safe and also saves time in                     starting the order processing. As soon as we receive the payment we     start immediately with the processing of your order delivery.

After the successful payment, be ready for the happiness and surprise on receiving your beautiful carpet with best quality, lowest price and in time delivery.!

On what basis do you price the carpet?

On our website, the pricing usually depends upon various factors like knots per square meter, density, material, design, etc.

Shipping and delivery Questions ?

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we accept and ship orders to many countries all around the world. Please select your country at the time of registration or at the time of express checkout to know more about your destination.

How much time do you take for shipping?

Our standard delivery takes around 2-3 days to process your order from our warehouse and it takes around 5-7 days for our courier partners (Fed-ex/DHL/UPS) to deliver the package to your doorstep. We usually deliver Standard sized packages on working days between 09-00 and 17.00. This delivery time applies is valid for the orders that are placed on weekdays before 15.00 (3 PM). If the orders are placed on weekends / after 15.00 (3 PM) then the delivery time is calculated from the next working day. We start the processing of your order once we receive full payment.

How much is the shipping cost?

The shipping cost at Carpet Santa is free.

Can I track my order? How?

Yes, you can track your order. When you place an order, you will get a confirmation email regarding your order being confirmed. You will also get a tracking number on you email. Now, there are two way of tracking, either you can track your orders through Fed-ex/DHL/UPS websites at www.fedex.com / www.dhl.com / www.ups.com, or you can also track your order through logging in to our website and using your tracking number. For your convenience if you are not able to track the order then you can call our customer care and provide them with your tracking number and they will track your order.

Is it necessary to be at home to receive the carpet?

Yes, at least one person should be at home to receive the package. For exact delivery time details you can talk to the courier company with the tracking number that you obtain from us.

What shall I do to receive an oversized rug properly?

Our courier partners (Fed-ex, DHL, UPS) will notify you and fix a convenient time of delivery for you. But our drivers are only responsible for delivering the package just at your door step, though some of them might assist you to move the package to the required place in your house, but we still suggest you to make the arrangements before the package arrives.

Can you ship to Apo or Po Box?

No, we are unable to send to Po boxes, as it is compulsory to get these packages signed by someone.

Carpet Maintenance Questions ?

Is it ok to wash the carpet ourselves?

We rather suggest you to consult a professional cleaning service in your city, because sometimes washing ourselves might cause damage to the carpet. Also for more information please contact our customer care service or see our ‘Carpet Maintenance‘ page.

How to clean the stains?

It depends on the type of stains, on how it should be cleaned, but for best results you should clean the stain immediately as soon as it happens. For more details about cleaning stains please read our page ‘Carpet Maintenance‘.

How to remove signs of folds on the carpet?

To remove folds, place a heavy object on the fold. Also, the folds vanishes naturally and gradually over the time.

Payment and Security Questions ?

When do you charge my credit card?

We charge your credit card when you confirm the order and do the payment. Your credit card is debited immediately you complete the order placement on our website.

What are the different payment methods that you accept?

The payment methods through which we are accepting payments are –                                                                                      —Via debit or credit cards ( visa card, master card, maestro card, etc)                                                                                             -Via bank transfers                                                                                                                                                                                       -Via pay-pal

When will the returned amount show in my account for the products I return or for the orders I cancel?

When we receive our product back, our experts check it and as soon as it qualifies as per our return policy’s terms and conditions, we immediately start with the process of refunding your money back. This process may take up to 15 days to show the balance in your account.

Is it safe to do online transactions on your website?

We haven taken very strict measures to keep all the transactions on our website absolutely safe. All the payments are made on an safe encrypted connection for security purposes removing any possibility of fraud. Techniques such as 3D secure is used to authorize the payments.

Additional information / questions ?

How shall I contact you?

You can contact us on our customer care number mentioned on our website or you can send us an email at info@carpetsanta.com. Be it any time, any query, any question, please feel free to call our customer support that is at your service waiting to serve you.! We provide 24 × 7 Customer support service (All days – Any time) regarding any query, weather it is regarding information about product, tracking orders, returns, shipping, taxes, maintenance, customs, cleaning,  etc.