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Your design

You can provide us with any design / idea you have or a design that you have created and we can transform that into a carpet exclusively for you. If you are creating a design on your own than our our designing team is always there for assistance. Be it your living room, bed room or office, our innovative designing team always has some creative suggestions that can not be overlooked. For more ideas please go through our Design Library.

Your Color

With us you always have an option of choosing colors as per your wish, the colors that you want to be incorporated in your carpet and we will make it sure to make you delighted with the accuracy of our colors. You can choose a color from a selected carpet of your own or from our design library. We also provide an option of choosing a color from a pantone shade card or from an ARS box that we use and we will do just the perfect job for you.

Your Size

You can select the size of your carpet as per your requirement. Be it any shape (round, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, etc) or any size from smallest (as small as 10×10 cm) to biggest (as big as 20×20 mtr), we are always ready to take the challenge and make you delighted with our services. You can also provide us with a particular design or select a design from our design library / website product and we would make it in your required size.